Please note that currently Islamic Hotline phone service is operational in Egypt only. We would be pleased to receive your queries through the E-mail service available on our website:


The Islamic Hotline phone service receives callers’ questions 24 hours a day. Answers are available within 48 hours.

How to use the Islamic Hotline PHONE SERVICE

  1. Dial Islamic Hotline service number
  2. Choose your language
  3. Press 1 to access Question and Answer Option
  4. Press 1 again to record your question
  5. Listen carefully to the PIN Number mentioned before you start recording your personal question and write it down
  6. Record your question after hearing the beep
  7. After you finish recording your question Press the star button to end your recording
  8. Your question is now delivered to Sheikhs’ mailbox

We guarantee full anonymity for all callers, and only the Al-Azhar Scholars listen to your questions.

After 48 hours, kindly make a second call to retrieve your answer:

  1. Dial the same service number again
  2. Choose your language
  3. Press 1 again to access Question and Answer Option
  4. Now Press 2 to listen to the answer
  5. Enter your PIN number and Press the star button
  6. You will hear the answer to your question.

Please note that your questions together with their corresponding answers are removed from our system after 3 weeks .


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