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1 - I don’t think that I am in love with my wife anymore. We have one child together and she is religious, intelligent and beautiful. However, lately I have felt distanced from her and I am not sure if I want to continue our marriage. I don’t want to be unfair to her, what can I do?
2 - What does Islam teach about abortion? Can you have an abortion at 5 months if you discover that is the foetus is female?
3 - My wife and I have been divorced for many years and she has always looked after our children. My adult daughter is now in a relationship with a non-Muslim man. Does that make me a sinner?
4 - Does Satan cause sinful thoughts?
5 - I am a single 28 year old woman. Despite various proposals, I am still unmarried. Is marriage a matter of fate or choice?
6 - How can I be a happy Muslim?
7 - I am a 32 year old woman and throughout my life have committed many sins. I intend to repent these and am now wearing the hijab (veil). If I truly repent will Allah forgive me?
8 - My husband treats me as if he were superior based on the fact that he is a man and I am a woman. He justifies this according to Allah's teaching of " Men are the protectors and maintainers of women " How can he propose that all mankind are equal whilst deny me rights based on my gender?
9 - Is consensual sadomasochism a sin?
10 - What does Islam teach about oral sex?
11 - I am not happy that my husband uses pornography on the internet. Should I divorce him?
12 - I would like to marry however cannot afford to do so. Can I consider the divorced maid working in my house a slave and therefore have a sexual relationship with her?
13 - What does Islam teach about homosexuality?
14 - When can you shorten and combine prayers?
15 - Can a sacrificial animal be bought from the money of Zakah?
16 - What does Islam say about life insurance and property insurance?
17 - Is the purchase of goods in instalments considered Usury in Islam?

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