Please note that currently Islamic Hotline phone service is operational in Egypt only. We would be pleased to receive your queries through the E-mail service available on our website:

How Does it Work?
Call the Islamic Hotline service number in your country. Choose your language. For each question you ask, you will be given a PIN Code. Just start speaking after the beep.


Your question will be delivered to Al-Azhar Scholars in Cairo. An answer will be ready for you after 48 hours.

After this time has elapsed, call the same service number back. To receive the answer to your question, recorded for you by an Azhar scholar, simply type in your PIN Code.
About Islamic Hotline

The Islamic Hotline Phone Service was created in Egypt in the year 2000 with the vision of becoming the world's foremost source of information for centrist Islamic teachings utilizing the mediums of telephone, and the internet.

Islamic Hotline is a Pay-per-Call service ready to take callers’ queries at any time of the day. Providing authoritative answers by scholars of Cairo’s renowned Al-Azhar University, the Islamic Hotline presents a moderate and tolerant picture of Islam. Originally available only in Arabic, our easy-to-use service is now open to callers in English, and Urdu.

The cheapest way to contact us internationally may be is to use email, at 99c per 750 characters. If you don’t have access to email, you can call us at the rates above.This service is totally anonymous.

The service has been approved by the Eminent Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Sayed Tantawi, Head of Cairo’s Al Azhar University.

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Claims have been made that Islamic Hotline commercializes religion. While this service is comparable to other professional institutions, such as publishers of holy books and religious materials, it is different because it serves the needs of Muslims in this day and age. The Islamic Hotline was established to provide guidance for Muslims. Every day, we answer hundreds of questions about Islam’s practices, beliefs, and the ways in which these should be discussed. We believe it is our responsibility to provide Muslims and non-Muslims alike with a balanced, reliable, and accurate source of information about Islam. Basically, we want to build better understanding of Islam in western countries.


Do you have a Question about Islam?
The Islamic Hotline is open to all people. We provide answers to all your questions about Islam and Muslims.

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