Please note that currently Islamic Hotline phone service is operational in Egypt only. We would be pleased to receive your queries through the E-mail service available on our website:

Apart from responding to queries related to Islam via the telephone and online, the Islamic Hotline also presents a variety of audible Islamic content, which include the following:

   Recorded Islamic Information

Callers can listen to short-5-minute lectures by highly respected and recognized Scholars about:


      The Five Pillars of Islam:


1- Declaration of Faith Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

2- Prayer and  Ablution Figh(Jurisprudence)

3- Alms Giving Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

4- Fasting Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

5- Hajj Fiqh (Jurisprudence)


Including information about Marriage, Divorce Fiqh (Jurisprudence), and Islamic Inheritance Laws.


      Short Lessons on:


1- What is Islam?

      The Prophets and Islam


2- The Holy Quran

      The language of the Quran

      The meaning of the Quran to the Muslim

      A closer look


3- Mohamed: prophet, statesman and human being

      The Sunnah


4- The 5 pillars of Islam


5- Islam and the west

      Islam’s contribution to the west


6- Was Islam spread by the sword?

      The true meaning of jihad in Islam


7- Are Islam and Democracy compatible?

      Is there such a thing as a Muslim Terrorist?

      Is Islam an intolerant religion?

      Human rights in Islam

      The economic system of Islam


8- The family in society

      Marriage in Islam

      Divorce in Islam

      The raising of children in Islam


9- Women's role in society

      Women’s clothing in Islam


   Quran Interpretation Service


Currently available in Egypt only, in the Arabic language


    Call:       0900 0700              Landline

                   4512 or 2380           Mobile


 This 60 GB application provides comprehensive information about 6,236 verses of the Holy Quran. 

You will listen to:


     - Simplified Interpretation of each verse of the Holy Quran

     - Correct Recitation of each verse of the Holy Quran

     - Word Meaning of each verse of the Holy Quran

     - Context of each verse of the Holy Quran

     - Short Account on the name of each Chapter

     - Short lessons about how to deal with the Holy Quran (by Sheikh Khaled El-Gendy)



   The Textbook "Fasa'alou Ahl Al-zekr"

It presents the most frequently asked questions received through Islamic Hotline from Egypt and the Middle East. Currently it is available in Arabic Language ONLY and distributed in Egypt and the Middle East. We have a collection of 1500 questions with ideal answers categorized according to different Fiqh (Jurisprudence) topics.


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